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Since 2017, UK-based GreenTeck Global has been successfully developing industrial and commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions designed with the planet in mind.


Our safe and sustainable hygiene and waste management solutions have everyday applications across a wide range of sectors. Find out how these green innovations are already having powerful results across your industry, and beyond.


Using the powerful green cleaning and sanitising properties of ozone and hypochlorous acid (HOCl), GreenTeck Global’s pioneering 100% natural technologies help businesses embrace more sustainable ways of working. Our innovative technologies mean simple solutions to sustainability which are better for your workplace, better for the environment, and better for your bottom line.


GreenTeck Global is dedicated to innovative design and technology to bring truly sustainable solutions to the cleaning industry.


Suitable for: All sizes of business, large or small

Technology: Aqueous ozone (AO)

Use: Washroom sanitising and odour control

The AQUAFLO₃ washroom cleaner uses diamond electrode flow-cell technology to convert ordinary tap water into powerful aqueous ozone a 100% natural disinfectant that reverts to water after use.


Neutralises tough odours at source, rather than masking them

Strong oxidisation properties that kill bacteria and break down biofilms

100% natural and safe to use, eliminating COSHH requirements

Works faster and more effectively than traditional chemicals

Prevents uric acid build-up, cleaning urinal plumbing during flushing

The AQUAFLO₃ uses the power of aqueous ozone to clean, sanitise, and control unwanted washroom smells.

Our AQUAFLO₃ device uses GreenTeck’s patented and innovative diamond electrode flow-cell technology. Once connected to a toilet’s water supply, it works by electrolysing ordinary tap water as it passes through its system. The aqueous ozone produced kills bacteria, breaks down biofilm which block pipe work and destroys odours commonly found in urinals. Easy to install, cost effective and simple to maintain, indicator lights alert you to when the flow-cell needs to be replaced.

Product Contents

AQUAFLO₃ system

Removable filter

Input / output shut-off valves

Removable diamond electrode flow-cell


This technology revolutionises odour control in washrooms by using ozone to efficiently break down uric acid crystals, destroying the stubborn smell in men's washrooms (without using hazardous chemicals).

The 'AquaFlo₃' eliminates the need for synthetic air fresheners (designed to simply mask odours) and saves on cleaning manpower.

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Aquateck facts

AquaTeck™ uses ordinary tap water, fed through a standard water softener and food grade salt, with no added detergents or harmful chemicals to be mixed, stored or discarded.

The AquaTeck™ system produces up to two litres a minute of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) – a 100% natural, all-purpose sanitising and cleaning solution. This natural steriliser has no toxic chemicals.

When you’re done, simply let the solution to revert back to its constituent parts leaving no residue, then tip it away; a greener, easier and healthier solution that is better for your cleaning staff, better for your workplace and better for the environment.

On demand production of a 100% natural, multipurpose, powerful sanitising and cleaning solution that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi (mould and mildew).

AquaTeck meets the highest safety and performance standards.

No mixing, rinsing, fumes or toxins. No corrosive effects of chemicals on surfaces and equipment cleaned, and the wall-mounted design means the unit can fit into even the most congested cleaning cupboards water using a standard domestic power supply.

Not having to mix or handle dangerous chemicals means no or risk any associated health hazards to your staff, customers or guests and no COSHH requirements.

Our HOCl is an extremely powerful natural sanitiser and is around 80 times more powerful than bleach.

Our HOCl can be used in re-usable spray-bottles, directly applied to surfaces, in mops and buckets and even via industrial floor cleaners.

Reduced operating costs, increased productivity and safety. No moving or user-serviceable parts, meaning the equipment requires minimal quarterly maintenance.

Lower carbon footprint by cutting out the need for transporting, storing, mixing, using or disposing of traditional chemicals and their associated packaging.

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

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