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Since 2017, UK-based GreenTeck Global has been successfully developing industrial and commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions designed with the planet in mind.


Our safe and sustainable hygiene and waste management solutions have everyday applications across a wide range of sectors. Find out how these green innovations are already having powerful results across your industry, and beyond.


Using the powerful green cleaning and sanitising properties of ozone and hypochlorous acid (HOCl), GreenTeck Global’s pioneering 100% natural technologies help businesses embrace more sustainable ways of working. Our innovative technologies mean simple solutions to sustainability which are better for your workplace, better for the environment, and better for your bottom line.


GreenTeck Global is dedicated to innovative design and technology to bring truly sustainable solutions to the cleaning industry.

Universities & Schools

Our powerful cleaning technologies help you create the healthiest learning environment.

GreenTeck’s fast-acting systems contain only 100% natural ingredients – ideal for fulfilling your duty of care commitments and safeguarding your educational reputation. Safe and straightforward for cleaning staff to use, our high-quality products help you maintain classrooms and common areas that are conducive to learning.

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The Facts

Schools, both primary and secondary, are forced to spend a large proportion of their budget on cleaning.

Institutions lack sufficient funding to address increased cleaning costs to meet higher hygiene standards now required post Covid.

Cleaning chemicals must comply with COSHH requirements.

Our Solution

Fogging and misting technologies can sanitise a classroom in, as little as, five minutes.

No COSHH requirement therefore saving time on paperwork and training.

Non-toxic and non-allergenic means pupils and students can immediately return to the classroom straight after application.

Switching from conventional cleaning chemicals to HOCl has shown average savings of 60%.

About GreenTeck Global Technology

Since 2017, UK-based GreenTeck Global has been successfully developing industrial and commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions designed with the planet in mind.

We believe that our pioneering eco-friendly technologies have the power to revolutionise hygiene and waste management. And we’re on a mission to help organisations understand why swapping harmful chemicals for sustainable systems makes good business sense.

Technology used by this sector

Create the healthiest learning environment.

AquaTeck SC-100

A wall-mountable unit producing two litres of multipurpose cleaning and sanitising solution on demand every minute.

AquaTeck Mini

A compact and portable tabletop unit able to produce two concentrations of HOCl disinfectant on site and on demand.


A washroom cleaner that converts ordinary tap water into aqueous ozone; a powerful natural sanitiser and deodoriser.

AirTeck Plug-In

This compact device plugs into a mains socket to produce ozone, which destroys airborne pathogens and odours.

AquaTeck Portable Fogging System

A portable and eco-friendly way to disinfect a large room in under five minutes, using HOCl.

Floor Scrubbers

This ergonomically-designed scrubbing tool uses the power of HOCl to clean, sanitise and polish flooring.

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