About Us

Since 2017, UK-based GreenTeck Global has been successfully developing industrial and commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions designed with the planet in mind.


Our safe and sustainable hygiene and waste management solutions have everyday applications across a wide range of sectors. Find out how these green innovations are already having powerful results across your industry, and beyond.


Using the powerful green cleaning and sanitising properties of ozone and hypochlorous acid (HOCl), GreenTeck Global’s pioneering 100% natural technologies help businesses embrace more sustainable ways of working. Our innovative technologies mean simple solutions to sustainability which are better for your workplace, better for the environment, and better for your bottom line.


GreenTeck Global is dedicated to innovative design and technology to bring truly sustainable solutions to the cleaning industry.

Supporting Bees

Bee1 have provided GreenTeck with the opportunity to give back to the local environment and support an extremely important cause.

Important Pollinators

Bees are vital to pollinating all of the trees and flowers around us. This contributes to a vast natural system which provides the food we eat and the air we breath.

Bee Population Decline

However, bees are under severe threat from a range of factors including: pesticides, global warming and habitat destruction. The decline in bees correlates to a decline in pollination which will have a significant impact on the ecosystem that we currently take for granted.

Supporting BEE1

In supporting Bee1, GreenTeck are able to support a hive in Wales, UK where our own colony of bees can safely thrive and pollinate. We will also introduce Bee Bombs – packaged with our consumer products. This ensures that wherever our products are sent, a bloom of 32 bee-friendly wildflower species follow.